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Moist Snuff information

Portion /Pouch snuff

Portion snuff was introduced in 1974 in order to offer the consumers a product that does not give dirty fingers and which is easier to get rid of after use. Traditional portion snuff, as it was introduced in 1974, consists of dried tobacco powder packed in a fiber bag – size 18x33 mm. The bag is subsequently humidified until the portion reaches 55% moisture. The result is a portion bag on 1 gram with the looks of a used tea bag. This product is known as a standard portion. The portion snuff has developed since the introduction. Today, two smaller portion bags on 0,4 gram and 0,6 gram exist. These are especially targeted at women and beginners. The small portion bags is available as traditional portion snuff where the bag is humidified on the outside and as a “Dry” variant where the product has a completely white look.
Since spring 2004 the producers has launched XL snuff portions from 1,5 gram to 2 gram, all traditionally humidified. The products have been introduced to accommodate the many large-scale consumers who are used to using 2-4 pieces of standard portion snuff at a time.

Snuff is typically placed under the upper lip in the mouth. The snuff releases a small, closely weighed out amount of nicotine which is absorbed through the mucous membranes.

Snuff is particularly well-regarded in Sweden and Norway where restrictive bans on smoking in public is very strict.


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